10kg Mince pack
10kg Mince pack

10kg Mince pack
10kg Mince pack

Grass-fed Organic Dairy Beef

All our male calves are raised to maturity, 18 months to 2 years. Longer than your average beef steer.

We sell our organic beef in packs of mince beef, diced beef and mixed beef.

Below are the details of the packs we have available :

-> 5 kg Mince beef

-> 10 kg Mince beef 

-> 5 kg Diced beef

-> 10 kg Diced Beef

->10 kg Mixed Beef

-> Half side approx 50 kg


visit -> https://openfoodnetwork.org.au/tarago-valley-organic/shop

call/text Sophia on 0416300145  Or Email -> csmorganics@outlook.com

Details of packs below:

10 kg Mixed Beef Pack
Packs included:
1 x eye fillet steak*
1 x scotch fillet steak*
1 x rump steak*
1-2 x porterhouse steak* 
1 x osso bucco*
1 x oyster blade steak
1 x BBQ steak
2-3 x roasts
1 x diced beef
5-6 mince(approx. 500g each)

These are all vacuum-packed into manageable portions *pack includes 2 pieces

50kg Side of Beef 
Cuts include eye fillet, scotch fillet, rump, porterhouse, osso buco, oyster blade, roasts, diced, BBQ steak, mince, bones. 
These are all vacuum-packed into manageable portions.

10 kg or half side of beef (50 kg), perfect for stocking up your freezer or sharing with friends/family. Buy in bulk and save.