About Tarago Valley Organics

We are very proud of our farming model, and passionate about our farming ideals and providing healthy delicious products that carry no negative effects to our environment and consumers.

100% pasture based all year round.
Milk from pasture fed cows (compared with grain-fed) is higher in Beta carotene, vitamin E, Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Omega 3.

Small herd.
Running a small herd, enables our farm to be completely self-sufficient, and without the added stress on the animals we experience less metabolic issues, and happier cows having more time in the pasture than in the shed.

No Antibiotics.
This is our way of not contributing to the development of antibiotic resistance and super bugs. Prevention is key; with an organic pasture fed diet and running a small herd, we have found there is no need for antibiotics. If an issue does arise there are many natural remedies that work.

Bobby calves.
We believe every creature deserves a life and consolidating the concept of war on waste, all our male calves (Bobby calves) are raised with our heifer calves and then grown out to maturity.

Support young farmers.
Farmers are an ageing demographic. With the average age being 52 years old, it’s clear that many young people don’t see a viable future in agriculture. With our farming model and taking control of our business, as young farmers we have empowered a sustainable future in our love for Farming.

Disheartened with stigma around organics being too expensive, we wanted our products to be as accessible as possible to families, and lower income homes. Which has stemmed our commitment to keeping our prices affordable.

Local Focus.
The idea of transporting food from the other side of the world or even the other side of this country seems crazy to us when we have such beautiful soils and farms in our local regions. With that in mind a part of our model is to only supply shops within a 150km radius around our farm. 


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Longwarry North VIC 3816, Australia

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