Sophia practically does everything, Milking and feeding the calves are her main farm roles, every weekend she's off at a Farmer's Markets, and during the week (in between milking of course) she'll either be on the road delivering or in her office.


Much like Sophia, Caroline is also out every weekend at Farmer's Markets. During the week Caroline will be Milking, Feeding calves, and doing deliveries. Caroline is also responsible for all the Social media post, the websites and all the beautiful farm photos.


Mentor and Idol, Rowan doesn't stop working. Milking and managing the farms whilst tending to their general maintenance. Occasionally getting out to the Farmer's markets when we're in need.


Much like Rowan, Vicki is also a mentor in the farming and business aspects. Occasionally filling in at Farmer's Markets, Vicki's day-to-day is milking as she lets her daughters Sophia and Caroline take over the show.


Jake you'll find tagging along with Caroline to the Farmer's Markets. Living and working off farm during the week you'll occasionally find him helping out with the day to day farm jobs.


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Longwarry North VIC 3816, Australia

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